On this section you will find all of our how to instructions that will explain how to use a specific feature in our app creation system.

How to add RSS feed to your app

This feature allows the use and ingratiation of RSS feed from different sources on the app you are creating.  You can use feed from the site you are creating the app for or any other website that have rss feed.  You can add unlimited feed using this feature. 

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How to integrate Radio Streaming

This feature allows you to stream radio services direct from your app

To set this up you will need to have a correct streaming address (url)

Bellow is examples of correct formats of urls for streaming:

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How to create a Catalog

This features allows you to create product pages.

Note: If you are creating an app that lists Menu items please  don’t use this feature, instead use the “menu” feature which is more suited for menu purposes.

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How to use the Form feature

This feature enables you to to create different kinds of forms depending on your needs.  You can set it up for general enquirers or book an event or appointment.   

So let’s see how to create a form page.

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How to create a Booking system

Using this feature  your customers can schedule and book appointments in your business(es).

to use this feature on your application please select booking from the feature list and give your page a name

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How to create a News Page

This feature of Appwaw allows you to create a News page for your app that allows you to add a photos.  Your users would be able to post comments to your news posts.

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How to create a contact Page

This feature is a simple feature that allows you to create a contact page for your business. Complete all required fields and and create a page with one-touch-call button and a Geolocation Button as part of your contact page. 



Creating Custom Page

This feature allows you to create pages for your app that have several items on it.  This can be an article with pictures or a photo gallery or videos directly on one page. 

how to add Videos to you app

With this feature you can integrate videos from different sources to your application. This can be youtube, Podcast and Vimeo. If you want to integrate a business video gallery, the best way is to create a Youtube or Vimeo channel in which you’ll upload all your business’s videos

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Sample Apps created using Appwaw Apps Creator

GoldenMop cleaning services app screen shot

Grand Palace hotel Screen Shot