• Reward Card

    Create a reward program allowing

    your client to earn reward points


  • Discounts

    offer your clients special discounts and

    attract more customer to your business

  • MCommerce

    Full feature to allow you to create an e-shop and sell directly from your app

  • Social Networks

    Link your social network accounts to your app

  • Push Notifications

    Send unlimited push notifications direct to your client mobile devices.

  • Social Gaming

    Reward your users for being the top customers and create an intesive for extra purchases

  • Feeds

    Pull RSS feeds directly from your website to your app

  • Statistics

    Get detailed statistics about your app and its users.

  • Product and Price List

    Allow your users to see all your products and price list . A useful feature to let users share with their friends.

  • Photo galleries

    Create beautiful photo galleries and give your app visitors an experience they would never forget.

  • Video galleries

    Create Video gallery inside your app and let your users enjoy watching them.

  • Instagram albums

    Integrate Instagram albums directly in your apps.

  • Picasa albums

    Pull and display all your photos from Picasa.

  • Youtube videos

    Get Youtube videos of channels or just specific videos direct on your app.

  • Vimeo videos

    Pull and show videos from Vimeo Automatically.

  • Podcasts

    Get your listeners get your Podcast videos and tracks directly from your apps.

  • HTML code

    Use your own Javascript, HTML, CSS or any client-side code and create beautiful features for your app

  • News Wall

    Share you news with your clients and get feedback from them through their comments

  • Your design

    Customize all pages in your app by applying your choice of colors and backgrounds.

  • Custom Pages

    Create pages with multiple types of content of your choice that include text, photo galleries, videos, etc.

  • Contact pages

    Create a contact page with one-touch-call, geolocation, web links to social media pages and more.

  • Booking

    Allow your clients to book appointments or visits. Allows a selection of branch for business with more than one branch

  • Padlock

    Lock your app all allow part of your app to selected users

  • Forms

    Build forms and get feedback from your clients

  • Places directory

    A list of nearby places and allow your app visitors to see place and points of interest nearby.

  • Audio

    Generate playlistsfrom iTunes, Soundcloud, Podcasts or own files, and your app users to enjoy the music

  • Fan Wall

    Allow your app users to share photos and comments and discuss among themselves and create a community.

  • Admob integration

    Earn extra income by monetizing yyour app and displaying banners and interstitial ads.